Monday, June 3, 2013

Let me begin with a story.

The other evening, I was teaching the Plan of Salvation to some investigators. I was getting really into it, but when I asked them a question, no response. Nothing. So I look up and they're gone. No people. So I sat up really quickly to get a better look and smacked my head on the top bunk bed. Then I was fully awake. Sister Lamberte said I woke her up because I was teaching the plan of salvation in my sleep. She woke up to me saying, "Ito po ay yung plano ng Diyos para sa atin. Ang Plano ng Kaligtasan." Then I went on for an unusually long amount of time until I sat up bigla. So that's my life right now. I teach every one that will let me teach them, even when I'm sleeping.

This week so rough. But also good! We had so many investigators at church on Sunday. We have so many sure baptisms and even more that aren't sure! Life as a missionary is wonderful. 

Living with only Pinays is still an adventure. Filipinos don't like exercising, I don't remember if I told you that already. But Sister Reyes is weird and she loves exercising. SO that means we drag our companions along to jog to baywalk, play tennis at PSU or play basketball at the church every morning. My life is GREAT. 

The best thing about missionary work is FINDING and OYM. Seriously it's fun. The first thing that people say when I start talking to them is, "AY, marunong ka magtagalog, pala." Which means, "AY, you know how to speak tagalog, i'm surprised by that." But after that passes, it's fun to follow the spirit and find out who is ready for the message and who just likes to speak to a tall American who can speak tagalog. And people ALWAYS laugh at me when I ask if I can help them with whatever their doing. It's great. Missionary work is great. I am beyond excited for RYAN! MAGMIMISYON SIYA! MALAPIT NA!

Ayon, that's all I have this week. Keep praying for me. Mahirap ang gawain na ito. MAHAL NA MAHAL KO KAYO LAHAT.

Sister Mecham / Sister Matangkat

(One of our LAs actually calls me Sister Matangkat. Sister Tall.)  

This is a picture of me at the palengke. Ignore how sweaty I am, we jogged there this morning after playing basketball at the church. Masarap ang mga baboy dito. They have a dish here called Pork Sisig. Which is actually the face of the pig - chopped up and fried. Masarap!