Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ashley's first letter home-Sat,1-19-13

written 16 Jan 2013
Dear Pamilya,
I don't have a P-day till next week, so I wanted to write you a quick letter to let you know that I am doing GREAT!  I love the MTC so much. Everyone is so nice & welcoming! My friend Sister DeGroot (I told you about her, she's going to Canada) was my host which was such a blessing! She is such an ANGEL! She would not let me carry my bags up to my room which is on the top floor! No elevators for her, even! She is the best missionary. My companion is Sister Ram &she is from Fiji & she is SMALL!! I tower over her. I have to constantly check myself because her short little legs do not move quickly at all & if I don't watch it I'll leave her in the dust. She also has to go to the bathroom  ALL THE TIME.  I'm too impatient for that. But patience is what I will learn on my mission. I promise. But don't worry about me! The food is not good so far. And the beds have mysterious stains. But I really LOVE IT.Also, the language is great. Dad, Rosetta Stone actually helped a lot. Especially with pronunciation. The elders sound so silly when they try to say anything. But my teacher only speaks Tagalog. And I can actually understand a lot of what he says. I feel so cool! Oh, I also saw Sister Ostler today! She looks so great, so tell her parents all is well!! I seriously love you guys so much & am so grateful for all you've done to get me here! Be safe & write me, please:)
      with love, Sister Mecham

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