Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not sure how the last email sent without my permission...

Ashley Mecham <ashley.mecham@myldsmail.net>
10:36 PM (19 hours ago)

to me, Amanda
Not sure what happened there... I'll continue...

LINDERD - if you're reading this: The shoes you gave me are THE BEST. I wear them every day. So, thanks and yeah. 

Back to family: My companion is Australian Samoan - so similar to Sister Taliaivao (roommate from MTC). So i still talk like an Australian Samoan (which is different then normal Australians...) Saying "yeah" after everything is part of that.

So I haven't eaten any really weird things yet. I had this drink, halo-halo, look up pictures of it. It's good, I just had absolutely no idea what I was drinking. There were the weirdest shaped and colored things in there. It looked like a child drew a picture of a crazy drink and they made it into real life. But don't worry about me getting fat, family. Every time I meet a member, they say "She's thin, we'll fix that." or "She'll be fat soon enough." But I don't see how that is going to happen because we have a tiny breakfast, a normal sized lunch and then usually no dinner because there isn't time to meet with the people if we stop for dinner. So that's that.

Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU family. You are the best. I love and miss you so much! Last night we were at a LA's home and they had two teenage kids, brother and sister, about the same age who kept hitting each other and then would be happy and normal the next second. It made me miss you, ATTICUS. Write me, yeah? I'm so grateful for you, pamilya. So much more than you know!!

So, the pictures are random, I know. I don't have a lot yet because I don't take picture while proselyting. So there are some of the apartment, me and Sis Hunt, the view from my window, some from the bay - we ran there this morning. One of the cutest little boy from the Bungar family. That's their house in the background that you can barely see. Maybe none of them uploaded... next time...

Out of time.


Sister Mecham

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