Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dear family,

Azzley was baptized! Pictures attached. President and Sister Stucki attended because they were on the island for district conference. I love them. This last week was SERIOUSLY AWESOME. We almost met every single one of our goals! Which, like, never really happens. We worked real hard and it paid off. We found some new people who are totally ready for the gospel! And they're progressing! Good stuff. 

So let me tell you about something that I've noticed here. I think I've talked about it before. It's the youth here. They are outstanding. Not even just the youth that are members. For example, we are teaching this YSA aged girl who is pretty great. But her 10 year old cousin named Sunshine is seriously magaling (talented). We haven't even counted her as a new investigator because we aren't teaching her parents because they live far away. But we taught her with her cousin and she basically jumped on the opportunity to be baptized. Then when we went back for the second visit she had already read up to 2 Nephi 11. Like, she's seriously so smart and gets it. Then, we're teaching this other family and we've been teaching the mom for about a week longer than the rest. We only taught her son, Bryan, one time but he totally got it, too. Then, surprise, he showed up at church all on his own. He road his bike by himself to come to church. And they like in the dulo of our area. Which means very far from the chapel. So yeah, I'm excited about the rising generation here. Last example, we have these two investigators who have been taught for a while by previous missionaries. 13 year old Xandra and 10 year old Tonio. They've been reading the Book of Mormon together every day for a while. Their parents are members, but they're less active. And we can't baptize children who have less active parents because they have no support and can't come to church on their own, usually. Their parents won't even attend our lessons. But the saddest part is that every time one of them prays during our lessons, they pray to be able to be baptized. It breaks my heart. The parents here need to pull their act together for the sake of the children! Maysakit sa puso ko. Anyway, that's my beef.

Kanina (Earlier today), I cooked my first Filipino meal almost all on my own! It was for the Burts, our couple missionaries. And it was delicious! I didn't take pictures, sorry about it. But it was seriously delicious. Just wait, I'll recreate it in just over a year. Yikes, that's close.

Transfers are this week and Sister Hunt is Trunkyville U.S.A. Or, I guess, Trunkyville PHI. She is sure she is transferring, and I am too. I would be so surprised if I were out of here. Palawan 4 lyf! Luckily, I won't be training this transfer because we aren't getting any new missionaries until July. And I probably won't be training then either. Even though Sister Stucki and the Burts keep telling me I most likely will be. It's too stressful. I'm still a baby missionary! I'm barely ready for my Nanay to leave me, and especially not ready to become a Nanay. That's that.

That's really all I have this week. I'm feeling really great! The Lord is continually blessing me and I am so grateful to be here. I'm truly becoming who the Lord wants me to be!

I love you all! Enjoy the pictures! One is from Azzley's baptism and one is me with Tabs (pronounced like Tubs, it comes from Mataba which means fat.) Tabs and I are the same age. He was born the day I got to Palawan. Cute.

Fun fact: I have named Tabs's Parents Jacob (Mom), Leah (Maybe dad) and Rachel (Maybe dad). Because I have been reading the Old Testament in my personal study and there is some pretty freak stuff in there.

Over and out,
Sister Mecham

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