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Kahit sino

Ashley Mecham
Apr 28 (6 days ago)

to me, Amanda, Patrick, Lindsey, Eliza, Jamie
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Dear Ang Pinakamagandang Pamilya sa lahat ng mga pamilya sa mundo,

This week was awesome! 

But, first thing is first: Mother's day! It's totally coming up, amiright? I don't really know for sure how I will be contacting you, but it might over skype. So hurry up and learn how to use that :)

Second thing up: The pictures! Baptisms! 

1. TATAY DANILO! Meet Tatay Danilo at Sister Acu. Sister has been a member for a while now. Notice the skirt I am wearing - made for me by Sister Acu. Magaling siya, 'di ba? Also notice how much larger I am than both of them! Yeah! Being tall rocks. Anyway, this is at Tatay's baptism. I honestly don't think I've ever seen anyone happier in my entire life. He is truly converted to the gospel.*

2. The Gonzalez children! The Gonzalez family is one of our recent converts, so Rica Mae (middle) is not one of our converts, but it feels like it because we still visit them every week! Also, don't focus on Jerome (bottom left). That was not intentional, I'm sure of it.

So, back to this week. Sister Hunt and I were totally feelin' it during our weekly planning last week so we set our goal for New Investigators insanely high. Like, 2.5 times higher than we usually obtain. But, like I said, we were totally feelin' it. And guess what? "You can do it, if you will be prayerful and faithful. You can do better than you have ever done before." WE DID IT. Hah, we totally exceeded our goal. It's beautiful because I know that the Lord will give you whatever you pray for if your will is aligned with His, at hindi nanunumbat. 

*So lately I've been really focusing on conversion. In Luke 22:32 it talks about how once you are converted, you must strengthen your brethren. That is one of the reasons I came here - because of how blessed I have been to always have the knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in my life - I just want to share the joy I've felt with everyone! I also recently read in Alma 23:5-6 and thought of Tatay Danilo. It says that as many as believed and were converted unto the Lord never did fall away. One of my goals as a missionary is to make sure all of my converts are converted. Here in the Philippines, we have A LOT of less active members. Back in the 1900's, missionaries came here and seriously baptized so many people that are now inactive because the were not truly converted to begin with. Some of them that we have found recently don't remember anything about what the missionaries taught them. No knowledge of Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. So we have to teach them as if they were new investigators, except we can't drop them if they aren't interested! Hah. But seriously. That was a tangent. Back to where I was going originally - God doesn't care how many people you baptize. He cares about how many people are converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Which is why we also focus so hard here on less active members. This work is beautiful. 
Tapos, mga miyembros namin - kailangan sila maging truly converted din. Uhh, sorry. Saying that sounds weird in english to me. We need to make sure that our members here are truly converted to the gospel as well - not just to the church. We have so many members who are active - they come to church every week and fulfill their callings - however, who knows what they do the rest of the week. So we have to teach them to. Too many people to teach, too little time to teach them. 

Well, that's all folks. Mahal na mahal ko kayo, talaga.

Sister Mecham

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