Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Ashley Mecham
May 26 (2 days ago)

to me, Amanda, Patrick, Eliza, Lindsey, Jamie, kendra.knudsen, Elizabeth
Joke lang.

Dito pa ako sa Palawan. Still here on Palawan.

BUT. I got a new companion. No more Sister Hunt. Umiyak ako. She is now in
Manila Zone shotgunning an area and working as Sister Trainer Leader. She
is the best. I miss her dearly.

Ibig-sabihin, I am leading this area. Ibig-sabihin, we just walk around
lost all day. Okay, not really. I'm doing fine. But it is so much more
stressful! What if I forget someone while planning! What if I forget all of
our appointments! I already lost an investigator's house. Don't worry, I
found it again. But yes, stressed. However, I have definitely seen how the
Lord has blessed me. When I first came here I remember thinking that I
would never remember where all these people live or who they are. But now
it is seriously so crazy how all of this knowledge comes to my remembrance
while planning or when our appointments fall through. It definitely doesn't
come from me. I could not do this on my own.

Anyway, may bagong kasama na ako. I have a new companion. Sister Lamberte.
PINAY. I was really looking forward to getting a pinay companion to help me
with the language, but, turns out that Tagalog is her third language. So
she and Sister Hunt are basically on the same level. Also, living with only
Filipinas is WEIRD. But okay. They just eat way less. Hah. And they don't
use toilet paper (don't ask me what they do use... I have no idea). But
Sister Reyes is still here so I am happy na happy about that. But normal
pinays don't like Sister Reyes. Probably because she is more American than
I am. Hah, not really. She is just hilarious and most Filipinos don't
really get her humor. But yes, I am still being well fed by her! Food for
the week: Turon = MASARAP. Probably really bad for you. Lumpia wrappers
filled with a banana mixture and deep fried. Sarap na sarap. Super

Well, that's about it, folks. Hope everything is going well for you on the
other side! of the world.

Mahal na mahal ko kayo lahat! Ingat kayo doon!

Sister Mecham

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