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We got to work! Hallelujah! Sister Fran is healed and it's a miracle! We only worked a half week though. It's been so hard because we can really see the difference that hard work makes. I'm working hard not to get discouraged because almost none of our investigators came to church last week. Which means we will have no baptisms in September. I don't know if I've told you this, but we are really strict on our rule that our investigators must come to church at least 4 consecutive weeks before their baptism. No exceptions. So even little Nanay Eufrania Salazar who is 82 years old and so ready to be baptized can't be baptized this coming Saturday because she didn't come to church because she was sick. But she did request a priesthood blessing! What a cutie. She'll be baptized. It's just about timing.
This week I had a really awesome experience. I don't know if I'll be able to really explain how awesome it was. So, like I've told you, we've been teaching a woman who was raised Muslim. She even almost graduated from Muslim school - which means she like knows how to read the Koran in Arabic which is pretty awesome. BUT, that's beside the point. She has been married to a christian for over a year. When we first started teaching her, she told us she was Christian so we didn't focus a ton on the details of Christ's life except how it directly relates to the message of the restoration. We didn't really realize how little she knew of Jesus Christ, besides what she has seen on TV. The other night, we had planned to teach them something else, so I brought a picture book to help explain. As I was flipping through the pictures and trying to find the right one, she spotted one of Jesus healing the sick. She said something like, "Oh, I saw that on TV. Jesus could heal sick people." Then I paused. BAM. We had a whole lesson just discussing Jesus Christ and the miracles He performed and the things He taught and the details of His Atonement and it was beautiful. That doesn't ever happen here because everyone you teach has a Christian background. It was amazing to see her faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ grow right before my eyes and I just thought to myself, "This is why I'm here." It was really awesome. 

I know I talk about transfers too much. But I'm getting fatter because the branch thinks I'm transferring which means at least one dinner appointment every day. And we're trying to nicely turn them down because it really takes time out of our work because we have to travel to the elders' area and we usually skip dinner anyway to work but they just won't hear it. But it is good to help our members strengthen their faith and determination to help in the work, so really it's good. I just haven't developed the patience I need yet. Hah. 

This week was good. My area is beautiful and the people are beautiful and the branch is so supportive of the work and I never want to leave Puerto Princesa Branch 2b, Puerto Princesa District, PALAWAN. "I'll gooooo where you want me to gooooo, dear Lord." My theme song. Yeah.

This weeks picture is great. They gave us a wheelchair at NCCC (the supermarket here) and we wheeled around buying food and it was awesome. 

Also, sorry I didn't explain last week's picture. I'm just really large next to Sister Ordiz and I had to be crammed in the tiniest place on the tricycle and ride like the to the bayan which is a good 15 minutes. It was painful and hilarious.

Thank you. That's my kuwento. Have any questions, concerns, queries? 

I love you all. Be safe. This is Christ's true church and the only way for true happiness in this life and eternal life in the life to come.

Sister Mecham

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