Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walang Laman

Ashley Mecham

to me, Amanda, Austin, Patrick, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey

BEPREPARED this email will kill you with boringness.

This past week has been a week. Let me give all you future and current missionaries a lesson.

In Preach My Gospel it says to always be willing to yield to your companion as they are following promptings from the Spirit. Last Monday, we were walking and I saw our investigators' house and felt we should stop by even though we hadn't planned to. But, I didn't tell Sister Francisquete exactly my thoughts because I knew she would just follow me anyway, hah. I just said, "Dito tayo muna" and pointed with my lips to the home of the Dagohoy family as I began walking in that direction. She followed. But, as I later found out, she doubted me. She was distracted as she thought, "Sister Mecham forgot our plans. We didn't plan to go here. What is she doing? Crazy lady." As that was happening inside her brain, she didn't see a rather steep step and fell to her doom. Not really, but she did sprain her ankle. 

So, for the past week we have barely left the apartment because she can't walk. The doctor prescribed main pills and REST. FOR TWO WEEKS. But it's okay. This happened for a reason. It's just mainly the worst because we didn't come here to rest. We came here to WORK. But we can't work if she can't walk so we need to rest. Upside: I'm finally getting closer to finishing the Old Testament! That's some weird stuff. But we were slightly disobedient to the doctor and worked for one afternoon (which was sloooowwww and apparently excruciatingly painful) and we found a few new families to teach because of how weirdly she was walking! That's some good stuff.

That is literally all that happened this week. Transfers are getting closer and I'm not excited. There's no alternative. I have to transfer from Palawan and I really don't want to BUT I know that I will be sent to where the Lord wants me. I just have to keep working to align my will with His. And the Burts (senior couple) got emergency transferred to Manila so all the missionaries on Palawan will die anyway without them. So I'm cool with it.

Hah, sorry about the boring letter. Love you all! Good luck out there!


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