Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the day has come

Ashley Mecham

to me, Amanda, Austin, Destin, Jamie, Patrick, Lindsey, Liza, Kendra, Elizabeth
Got a call from President Stucki last week. I'm transferring from Palawan. I feel like I'm leaving my home! Depressed na ako. Hah, not really. But super sad. BUT I know, as always, the Lord has a plan for me. Also, I'm being demoted from trainer. Training is the best opportunity and I feel so blessed to have taken part of it. But, I think I'm kind of becoming a trainer... I've been called to serve as a Sister Trainer Leader. I can tell you that I'm not entirely sure what my roll will be. There are only four STLs in the mission right now... I've been told it's like a female Zone Leader but I'm still not sure what that entails. President Stucki just basically told me that I'll be expected to be an example to all the other sisters of how a perfect missionary should be. So... no stress at all there. But I'll be headed out to Manila on Wednesday - Pasay. It's a ward! I'm excited and stressed. And Sister DeLeon is going to be my new companion! We were roommates here on Palawan when I was being trained. She is an angel. I'm so excited! Enough about that.
This morning we went to THE CROCODILE FARM and BAKER'S HILL. The latter is so boring, like I knew it would be. But the philinos wanted to go so we did. BUT the crocodile farm was awesome, like I knew it would be. I'll try to upload a picture of me holding a Bear Cat. Yeah. It was awesome.

Our area is doing great and as beautiful as ever. I'm sad to leaving all my investigators that will totally be baptized next month but it doesn't matter who baptizes them, as long as it happens. I've uploaded a picture of two of my favorite investigators. Kaycee Sabando and Eufrania Salazar. The latter should have been baptized last week, but missed a week of church. Notice: one is eleven. One is 82. The 11 year old is taller. BUT I'm almost literally twice their size. The other picture I uploaded is of me in one of the areas in my area. Check out those boardwalks. It's awesome. 

Next week I'll have one million things to share because I'm basically going to another planet = Manila. I'll probably have to be retrained because I've never been to the city. BUT, well see about it. I'll let you know. 


Sister Mecham

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  1. Hi, this is Sister Larsen's mom. My daughter told me how much she loves Sister Mecham. Would it be fine if I quote some of Sister Mecham's stories about my daughter in my daughter's blog? Here is a link to my daughter's blog where she included a photo of Sister Mecham. http://marindainmanila.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2013-09-18T15:44:00-07:00&max-results=7