Wednesday, May 21, 2014

STL = Sige Tambay Lang

Oh hey hey there kids!

This week. It was quick quick. 

We got to go to the temple and do a session again. We're so blessed to be so close. It's great to be able to receive revelation for my life as well as how to better help the people we teach come unto Christ. I also saw some members from Pasay which was the best. I saw Joshua Samonte! Who gave me a hundred letters that he and his brothers had written including pictures of their baptisms :) Their whole family has been baptized now. Including Elias Samonte. I don't know if you remember, but he was my biggest stress in Pasay. He was the one that I prayed to get sick and he did and then quick smoking because of it. Then he moved to Makati and the AP's baptized him there. I talked with the AP's about it at MLC and they said that it was the easiest baptism they ever had because he was so prepared by the time he got to them. SO, I experienced all the stress for that fella. But I am so so happy that he's been baptized. I cried when I saw the pictures. The best best best. 

Then we also had MLC on Thursday. MY how things have changed. When I was there before, there were only four sister trainer leaders and 14 zone leaders. Now, there are twice the amount of zone leaders and 12 sister trainer leaders! It's crazy. The Lord is hastening His work and He needs leaders to help do it. It was the best, as always. President Stucki is so inspired and Sister Dumayas and I are so excited to apply the things we learned. We already started that day, and have been experiencing miracles because of it. Even though we only had not very much time in our area, we had great work. I love having Sister Dumayas as a companion because I finally feel like we're doing an even amount of work instead of always feeling like I have to push my companion to be diligent. But, that was a blessing too, to help others. Anyway, that's that.

We are meeting such great people. Our faith is skyrocketing. I love being a missionary. 

I will call you through Skype on Mother's day. I will be calling from here at about 10:45 a.m. on Monday Philippines time. Which should be sometime on Sunday night for you. Please be at the computer at that time! Tell Amanda too so the kids will be there hopefully! 

I love you all huh! Don't forget it. They're making me go to a thing to train me on how to return to normal life and get jobs when I come home. So that means it's getting here. Prepare the rice cooker.

Love you!

Sister Mecham

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