Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mga Luha ng Kagalakan

Personal/Ashley's Mission Emails

Ashley Mecham

Apr 28 (7 days ago)

to me, Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, Patrick, D, Ryan
This week was wonderful. But this email will be short because we're going to the temple in a few minutes.

  • I got my new companion. Sister Dumayas. She is little and I love her. Finally another Filipina.
  • We've been finding among the middle class - knocking on doors of really nice houses. It's been awesome. The door slams are not discouraging. Seriously.
  • Hideki Villegas was baptized. He is going to be a great leader in the Lord's church. See attached picture. Don't focus on his area, he is just a cool kid.
  • Sister Dumayas studied at culinary school before her mission. I will be fatter when I come home.
  • Being STL again isn't different yet. Except now my roommates are afraid of us. Pasaway kasi.
  • This is the best part (after Hideki's baptism, because that is really the best part.) Sister Stucki emailed this morning. SISTER DUMAYAS AND I ARE GOING TO SPEND A WEEK IN PALAWAN DOING EXCHANGES WITH THE SISTERS OVER THERE. I get to return to my first and second area. Mahal ako ng Diyos. I cried big tears of joy when I read that. 
Sister Mecham

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