Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ashley Mecham <>
10:31 AM (8 hours ago)

to me, Amanda
Kumusta Pamilya! Mahal ko kayo!
I´m going to try to get everything down, pero who knows if I´ll be able to. (Also, something is wrong with the keyboard I´m using, so if there are weird symbols it isn´t my fault...)
So this week has be so hard and so great. The language is seriously coming. Brother Langer challenged us to speak only Tagalog on Sunday and I totally did it. Then he challenged us again on Monday and I totally did it again. No challenge for today, but I´m still doing it. It helps so much. I actually told an Elder who was trying to talk to me in the lunch line that I couldn´t speak English (in Tagalog) and he looked so confused and I just walked away...Good stuff.
My dorm is overflowing with muddy buddies. Jamie sent me some a while back. You sent me two bags. Sister Diamond´s mother sent her a bag. So THANKS. haha, Muddy Buddy Heaven.
So since Brother Langer is the best Tagalog teacher in the MTC (not kidding), we got to be there while he was teaching the Philippino MTC teachers how to teach Tagalog via webcam. We got to talk to them for a while and it was so awesome speaking Tagalog to natives. Good stuff.
JAMIE VAWDREY GETS HERE TOMORROW (if you are reading this, Jamie, I´m sorry I didn´t write you this week. I didn´t think i was get to you in time. Plus I´ll see you tomorrow. I´ve never been more excited!!)
Also, dear family, why would you think I wouldn´t need tights (i can´´t type question marks for some reason) NOT OKAY! Jokelang, pero...talaga. My legs are ice blocks (Australian for popsicles). I will never forgive you for this. If you can´t tell, that is sarcasm. But still not okay. I still love you. But don´t send them anymore because I leave here on February 25th. Okay salamat.
Mom, you talked about Sister Riddle and about how similar we sound. Which is true and freaky. She went to my Elementary school and we saw each other the first week. She´s going to Manila and got here the same day as me. She is also 5´10´´ and has a lot of the same clothes as me. It´s pretty freaky. She´s a real gem, though.
So, Brother Long taught us about the History of the Philippines and how they got their independence and it is seriously so awesome.  You should study it. It also makes the great US of A look sheepish. PARA SA PILIPINAS.
I ran into Brother Johnson (I think that was his name...) from the Stake and he knows you (Mom and Dad). He serves in a Japanese branch presidency here. It was weird because I was forced to speak English to him.
Also, someone wrote me and told me the pictures aren´t working for the blog. Hindi ko alam, pero I just thought I would let you know.
So let me tell you about our investigators. We have three (which is crazy hard, especially because we are the only companionship in our district with that many...) They are all actors (our teachers) but i really is so real, teaching them.
1. Toni - I´ve told you about him before, I think. He is played by Brother Langer and is actually based off of himself because he is a convert. He is by far the hardest investigatore. We can rarely even get through one principle in a lesson each time because he just DRILLS us with questions and it is so hard to understand him and then try to answer his questions. Plus Sister Ram can never understand him so I have to translate for her which is super weird. She´s getting better at it, i think. She´s really good at the language, she just doesn´t listen very well. Anyway, Toni is mahirap to teach.
2. Artemio - ARTEMIO IS GOLDEN. He is such a gem. He is played by Brother Nicholes who isn´t actually one of my teachers. He is so great. He has five kids and is so interested in the gospel. He is reading the Book of Mormon and hopefully went to Church on Sunday, but we haven´t met with him since then. He is the best.
3. Roya - Roya is 17 years old and teaching him at the beginning was so hard. He just yawns the whole time and keeps pulling out his phone and I keep having to tell him to put it away. He is from a part member family and was only taking the lessons because his mom asked him to. Anyway, he went to church on Sunday for the first time in forever and yesterday he committed to be baptized on February 25th!! I was not expecting him to say yes, so when I extended the invitations I told him we were having a baptismal date on February 29th and if he would prepare to be baptized on that day. Then I realized that that day does no exist this year. Awkward. So I changed it for the day I leave. Good stuff, though. I am so pumped for him.
Well, that is about it. I love it here so much and am so so happy. Alam ko po na totoo and Simbahan ni Jesucristo!!! Masaya ako at mahal ko kayo.  I´m running out of time, but I´ll get to call you on the 25th at the airport! Mayroon po ako ang calling card ko, so I´m all set. I love you all SO MUCH and I and so grateful for everything you´ve done for me.
Mom - Sister Ram doesn´´t get to call home often. Only once within her first week because she is international and once at the airport. Also, we do get to go outside often and my legs freeze every time. Especially when going to the temple because we go at 6 40 am. Very cold. But please don´t send tights anymore. I was hoping to get them within my first week or so but now I only have two weeks left.
Austin - Daniel Cook decided to get baptised a while ago! February 25th is his date. However, he was not a real investigator (even though he was totally real to me...) He turned out to be one of our new teachers. Also, your new bag and wallet sound awesome. The shirt I got you was like $14 but I get the missionary discount so I don´´t remember how much it actually costed me... Also, asked about the other missionaries in my district. There are five of us going to Manilla, three going to San Pablo, one going to Loaog and one going to Baguio (no idea if I spelled those right..) There is also an entire district in my zone going to Loaog and another that just got here last week going to Naga. Good stuff.
Ryan & Dad - No letters!!!! (I can´t type question marks for some reason...)
Amanda - Sister Ram is from Fiji. I don´´t remember what other questions you asked besides SNACKS. I want tomato basil wheat thins. So badly. I don´t need any candy or anything because an Elder just left for the field and left us with an entire suitcase filled with candy. So mostly salty things. Wheat thins. I love you!! Also, don´t send tights. I leave here on February 25th and I don´t need them for the field. Thanks anyway!!! I love you!!!

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