Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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to me, adnama.larsen
Pictures: (There will be a few emails with only pictures)

1) Sister Ram and me.
2) My roommates and me. (Sister Taliaivao, Sister Diamond, me, Sister Ram)
3) Sister Diamond and I have the same pajamas and sandals. It's great.

for the family and the blog:

Okay, kids. If you haven't written a letter to Sister Ram yet, get to it! Just use dear elder. It's super easy. She got two this week and they were the first letters she's gotten from anyone. She literally cried with joy!! It was the sweetest. So keep 'em coming. This letter is going to be shorter because I am totally almost out of time. Pasensiya!!! But to be fair, you didn't write me this week either... ;) love you!!

Speaking of Sister Ram, she got sick this week. BOOO SICKNESS. It started Tuesday night and come Wednesday morning she would not get out of bed until about 1:00 in the afternoon. I went insane. But she started feeling good enough to go to class that evening, so that was good. I hate missing class so much. We went to the clinic on Thursday and they told us to go to the BYU health clinic AGAIN. Two times I've left this place for the clinic. It's so weird, they have televisions and things. Anyway, turns out she had the flu, but the doctor told her that it was, like, the smallest case of the flu. But he prescribed... yep... you guessed it. An hour nap every day and NO EXERCISE for the next three days. NOOOOOO. My worst nightmare. That means we've been skipping gym so she can take her nap. Bad news for Sister Mecham. Gym is what keeps me sane after sitting in a tiny desk for hours at a time. But my Father in Heaven has really blessed me with patience this week (which is the most prayed for attribute next to "master at tagalog" coming from me.)

Anyway, last Monday my teacher, Brother Langer, asked me to play an investigator for a workshop that his boss wanted to have. It was a seriously awesome and spiritual experience. The boss and I both ended up in tears. Remind me to tell you that story when I get home :) haha. It's a good one.

Also, family, this is me asking for the second time. Pleaaaaase send me tights. If you wait too long, it'll be time for me to head out to the 'ppines.

So we're teaching three investigators right now (played by teachers.) It's seriously so hard. I feel like such a nub every time I open my mouth! I always say, "Ano......ehh....pasensiya." Which means, "What.....ehh....sorry." And then I try again to say something else. Such is life.

SO I've hit my halfway mark! Three more weeks until I'm outta here! Which means we get a new district leader and I totally called who it would be. Elder Nielsen, which I know doesn't mean anything to you, deserves it more than anyone. He is a tiny, little cowboy fella from Arizona and he has the biggest heart of anyone! Good stuff. And not I don't have to worry about elders opening my mail and reading it to the class.

Well, time is just about up. I sent some pictures this time, so enjoy those! I love you all so much and I am so grateful for everything you've done to get me here. I feel so blessed every day for you people. SO thanks.



Sister Mecham

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