Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last Email from the MTC!

Ashley Mecham <ashley.mecham@myldsmail.net>
Feb 19 (6 days ago)

to me, Amanda
Dear Pamilya,
I GOT MY FLIGHT PLANS!! Okay, so I will be able to call on Monday the 25th either at the SLC airport between 2 30 and 3 30 or (most likely this one) in LA from 4 30 to 10 15 pm (california time). So be ready for that! Sorry it isnt more specific. Also, I will be calling the home phone unless you have objections to that. After the 6 hour layover in LA, I will be heading straight to HONG KONG then to MANILA.  I wont be getting mail on Monday most likely, so dont send me anything later in the week! Thanks!
Also, family, can you send me more socks? I need the little no show half ones to wear with my tracting shoes. I barely have enough.
So something that is weird about the MTC is I feel like I still haven[t left home. I see SO MANY PEOPLE that I know. All the time. I can[t even write them all down. (Also this keyboard types [ instead of apostrophes, so just ignore that...) Just walking to the temple this morning I passed three people I know and it was like six in the morning! Unbelievable.
ALSO JAMIE IS HERE AND I RUN INTO HER SO OFTEN AND IT IS THE HAPPIEST AND MOST JOYOUS THING OF MY WHOLE LIFE. That[s it. I stalked her on her first day and it worked because I found her while she was still being hosted. I[m a champion stalker apparently, because there were like 800 missionaries coming in that day. I think there are 3200 here right now. It is pure madness.
Oh oh oh HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, I GUESS. Mahal ko kayo. Valentines day is way better when you[re in the MTC. I got, like, 15 times the gifts that I[ve ever gotten. So thanks everyone. Also, I passed my one month mark on the 16th. Can you even believe that?? I feel like I just got here yesterday and also that I[ve been here for a year.
So sa Linggo I was chosen to give a talk in sacrament meeting (sa Tagalog). By chosen, I mean that everyone prepares a talk and they let you know who is speaking when they annouce it over the pulpit. So that was cool. Also, sa Sabado my district was like, {Let[s sing in church tomorrow{ and I was like, YOU HAVEN[T HEARD ME SING. So we did that and it was awkward.
Not much more to report.
1. We haven[t taught Artemio this week because he has been out of town. So there[s that.
2. Roya is still preparing for baptism and my teacher taught me how to ask Roya to put his phone away sa Tagalog so now I don[t have to say {Magput ang cellphone ninyo sa bulsa{ which doesn[t make any sense really, especially because {Magput{ is not a real word. But that[s it, he is progressing well and excited to get baptized.
3. Toni. Ohhhh Toni. He is the most terrifying. Sister Ram is so scared of him so I have to do all of the teaching when we teach him. He hasn[t been keeping commitments and I know it[s because of US and not becuase of HIM. We just have to do something differently. But this last time we taught him, Sister Ram actually said some real things and he sounds like he will really try to read the Book of Mormon. Mayroon po akong pananampalataya that he will do it. That is all.
Magandang buhay ko, pamilya. I love being a missionary more than anything else. It really brings me so much joy. Anyway, alam ko na totoo ang Simbahan ito. Pasensiya that this email is so short. I will be sending a package home this week with more things to tell you. BUT THIS IS THE LAST EMAIL FROM THE MTC. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND I WOULDN[T BE HERE WITHOUT YOU.

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