Monday, April 8, 2013

Another email from your favorite Sister!

Ashley Mecham
9:29 PM (11 hours ago)

to Amanda, me, Patrick
Deeeear Pamilya,

Fist off - jealous of you all about conference. We get to watch the rebroadcast on the 13th and 14th. However, I'm totally cheating right now and watching some talks. Which is why this email is going to be short. Sorry about it! 

Life here is beautiful, as always. We are in the middle of summer now. GRABE INIT. I will be sending you a picture of my new tan line. From one day only. So, my life right now is interesting. We haven't had water in our apartment consistently. So when we find that the water is running, we just have to frantically fill up every container we have with water. It's awesome. Also we have a mouse living in our apartment. Sister Hunt is terrified of it. But really, it's adorable. 

Language: Coming along nicely. But I've developed a habit of pretending like I understood what people said. Which, you know, sometimes works out nicely. But let me give you an example of when it did not. We are currently teaching the best family of recent converts. They have an adorable daughter, Isil, who just talks non stop to me and I never really know what she's saying. So one time, she told a hugely long story and the correct response seemed like, "Really?! Wow!! That's so cool!" (In Tagalog, of course) Wrong. I later found out that she was telling me about how she fell into a well. Like, for reals. A real, deep well. Wrong.

One thing that I love about my area is how awesome the youth are! Seriously, they are all preparing for missions and are way more active than their parents. We have so many youth that come to church every week even though their parents don't want to. One thing that is super awesome is that if they do well in seminary, they get to go on the temple trip to Manila for free. Seriously an awesome opportunity for them. The youth are great.

That's just about all I have for this week. The pictures I attached to this email are 1. Me in a fight with a rooster. We teach this family right next to here and this rooster seriously is so loud at the worst moments. So, we had to rumble. Roosters here are totally a thing. They are everywhere and the crow all the time - not just when the sun comes up. Yeah. 2. My tan line. Ignore how sweaty I am...

Oh man, I love you all so much! I know I say this all the time, but I feel your prayers so much in my work! Keep 'em coming! I need all the prayers I can get. Also, I finally got mail! Such a huge pile... you're making me look, like, really popular or something... Hah, thanks to everyone who wrote me or dearelder'd! I love hearing from y'all. Be safe. Be happy. God loves you.

Ingat kayo lahat,

Sister Mecham

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