Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mabuhay pa!

Ashley Mecham
2:46 AM (7 hours ago)

to Amanda, me, Patrick, Lindsey
Dearest pamilya at mga kaibigan ko,

First off, MAMA: President and Sister Stucki did not bring mail with them this week, but they did bring your package! THANK YOU THANK YOU for the Cadbury Mini Eggs. They're all gone already - the most delicious. And for the socks! They're perfect. And especially for the shirts! I love them so much, I already bought one of them! It's okay, though, because now I can wear it twice in a week without washing it. Which brings me to one of your questions - no, I do not have to wash my clothes in a stream. I have running water in my apartment. I wash them in a bucket with real soap and everything.  

Yeah, the reason for the pictures thing is that I can actually only send two in an email but sometimes I get ambitious and try three, but it never works. Sorry about it. Emails are better than dear elders, because I get them once a week instead of whenever someone comes from the mainland. But I still love dear elders and real letters once in a while.

Other question of yours: My living conditions are fine! We actually have a nice (relatively) apartment, especially compared to everyone else's home here that I've gone to. I sleep on a real mattress and we have filtered water in our apartment and a refrigerator and a rice cooker and a hot plate. So, basically livin' the life.

This week was awesome! Sister Stucki (wife of mish pres) worked with us on Wednesday which was the best. She is such a gem. And she was so impressed with my Tagalog - only because she had no idea what I was saying. So that was rad. We had a branch activity that night and so many of our investigators came! More than actually come to church usually... but that's beside the point. It's Beejay - I've sent you a picture of him and his family. They have the cute house and cook the delicious food. So, they stopped progressing, really, but still read the BoM. They had told us that they weren't sure yet if it was true. BUT, at the activity, Beejay was talking to President Stucki, and in his broken english we heard him say, "The Book of Mormon is a treasure. It is the way to return to God." And we were like WHATTTTt???? Yes. It is. We were so pumped. 

LOL MOMENT this week: One of our investigators is a nine year old member of a LA family. His name is Robinson. We were teaching him about the Word of Wisdom and at the end, we were doing a quick review (because he's nine...) and I asked him, "Where did this law come from?" And he says, with such confidence that his answer was correct, "Si Satanas!!" Mali! We laughed so hard. 

The attached pictures are of us at the activity - I don't actually remember which ones I attached - but I think one of us with Leah (who has left now for her mission :( no more working with her) and Sister Sucki and Sister Angoy. The other is of us with Myra, another investigator of ours. She is great, too.

Okay, running out of time. Tatay Danilo has been completely off cigarettes for 10 days now! 

FOOD OF THE DAY: Sugared, fried saging on a stick, which is a form of banana. So good.

TAGALOG PHRASE OF THE DAY: Hahampasin kita = I will slap you.

His baptism is this month! Easter here is awesome - they don't have anything except focusing on the atonement of Christ. No easter bunny. It's awesome. Christ is risen and because he was judged of the world, we don't have to be. I am so in awe of the magnitude of the atonement every single day. I wish I could write more. No time.

I love you all! Thank you for emailing me and for your prayers. I seriously feel them every day. Every minute of every day. You are all the best. Be safe. The Church is true. 


Sister Mecham

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