Monday, April 22, 2013

A Real Short One

Ashley Mecham
10:08 PM (18 minutes ago)

to me, Amanda, Patrick, Lindsey, Eliza
Kumusta ang Pamilya at mga Kaibigan ko!

Another beautiful week here on Palawan. This email will probably be a shorty because of the lack of internet here. Slow slow slow so I emailed President first to be sure to get that in. 

Listen up, TATAY DANILO GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY. It was crazy because we didn't know if it was going to happen or not! I don't remember what I told you about him, but he had to have another interview with President Stucki because of some things that happened in like 1972, His baptism was scheduled for Saturday and President was coming to Palawan on Friday for our interviews (I passed). So, cutting it a little close. I was the most stressed I've been since I got here! After their interview, President called us into the office and asked us if we thought Tatay was ready for baptism and YESSSSSSS. So he approved it! Tatay was unbelievably excited. He started bawling uncontrollably and in english said, "I'm really happy." even though he looked so upset. He is a real gem. And he was baptized and confirmed. If anyone deserves this gospel in their lives, it's Tatay Danilo. I'll try to upload a picture, but the internet might be too slow.

Ano pa....

Oh, let me tell you what I've learned. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR NANAY. Especially when you think you shouldn't. Two examples of this:

1. The other day I needed a grilled cheese sandwich. But, you know, they don't have real cheese here. So I bought that processed cheese that comes in tin foil and a card board box and was so excited. When I got home, Sister Hunt (my nanay) told me to put it in the fridge so the ants don't get it but I was like, naahhhhh. No need because it's sealed. Nope. When I went to use it, the ants were INSIDE the seal. I have no idea about it.
2. Umbrellas. We had a huge storm and I still haven't bought an umbrella. Plus, playing in the rain is fun. So I was running through it like a crazy person on the way home from a lesson when it was POURING and Sister Hunt chastised me for no umbrella. Then she told me that I should put a towel on my head so I don't get sick and I was like, naahhhhh. No need because that's crazy. But, alas, I am SICK SICK SICK. My cough sounds like I'm seriously dying and sometimes I seriously think I am. So that's that.

That's about all the time. Sorry about it.

I love you all and so so appreciate hearing from you even if I don't reply!

Mahal na mahal ko kayo,

Sister Mecham

PS. Pictures didn't work. Next week na lang

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