Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mahirap ang linggo ko!

Ashley Mecham
Apr 14 (5 days ago)

to me, Amanda, Patrick, Eliza
To my dearly beloved and beautiful family,

Kumusta po kayo lahat?? That good?

This week was ROUGH. Seriously, it started out so difficult. Remember Myra? I sent you a picture of her. She decided not to get baptized. And two of our other new investigators left us a note that they don't want us to return. (Because Filipinos don't say no, usually. They usually just hide from you if they don't want to visit with you.) So this was them being bold, you know. Then another of our investigators is moving to the mainland. Plus we had to drop a few because they just weren't progressing. So, mahirap ang linggo ko. Plus we were so worried about the our numbers this week because we had Zone Meeting and General Conference. But listen, the Lord blessed us so much! We did better this week than we've ever done before! So beautiful.

But listen, this email will be shorter than ever because I had to type a story for President. Like, I still have tons of homework here. It's cool, though.

Okay, I've got a great story. Listen up:

We were teaching a lesson to an investigator and it started raining like CRAZY. The raindrops on the tin roof were SO INCREDIBLY LOUD. We were literally yelling the lesson to them. Then it got to the point in the lesson where I felt like I needed to extend a baptismal commitment to him. BUT, I hestitated because you can't yell a baptismal invitation at someone. I needed the spirit to be there. I turned to Sister Hunt and whispered, "Should I do it?" She didn't know either. Then suddenly, silence. The rain completely stopped. BAM. Needless to say, Azzley Santos is getting baptized on May 18th. Miracle of miracles.

CONFERENCE. Oh man, I love conference. We got to watch it in english. They had both available at our chapel because a lot of the younger folks here like to listen in english. But I didn't get to watch the last session because we had a brown out. Sad. 

We have a baptism this week! Definitely one for an 8 year old in our recent convert family and sana TATAY DANILO. The one who quit smoking. But he still needs one more interview with President. I'll let you know. I'm praying hard over here. 

Oh, I have another story! I almost got robbed! We were walking at night and it was almost curfew so we were hustling when a man jumped out from behind a fence and tried to grab my bag! But I'm too quick! I squealed and just started booking it which freaked him out and he didn't pursue. So don't worry! I'm still safe here! Haha. Seriously, don't worry. 

FOOD THIS WEEK: Ube flavored ice cream. They really need to bring it to the U.S. It is heaven. Plus this thing that SIster Reyes made for me. It's like, fried saba, which is a class of saging, which is banana. Pinakamasarap siya. 

That's literally all my time. Go read all the conference talks again. They're all beautiful. 

I love you all.

Sister Mecham

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