Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aim High Pasay!

Ashley Mecham
Sep 29

to me, Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, Patrick, D
PASAY 1ST WARD YEAH! I've been assigned to the best ward in the mission. That's not an exaggeration, everyone in Manila wants to be assigned here. Man, I'm so lucky. 

BUT, it's so so rough adjusting to life in the city. My nose and my throat always hurt from the pollution. And my feet get itchy from the flooding which is constant. And there's apparently this disease you can get from the rat urine here so we have to be super careful when we walk in flood water. It's delicious! 

EVEN BIGGER BUT, I'm so so happy. Sister de Leon is the best companion ever. The people here are awesome, especially the ward. Working in a ward is so so different. It's really like we're helping them with the work instead of trying to get them to help us. It's awesome. Let me tell you about Bishop Rifarial's ward mission plan. So he will be giving two toy sheep to every family. One white and one black. Then a toy shepard at the church. So it's like a game, if you refer your friend to the missionaries, and you fellowship them and they get baptized, you get to put your white sheep with the shepard. If you help to reactivate a less active member and they go through the temple, you get to put your black sheep with the shepard. It's so awesome and the ward is so excited to take part in it! 

Sister trainer leader business: So basically the mission is split in half. Me and Sister de Leon are over half the sister in the mission. We are in charge of their happiness. Hah, sort of. We go on exchanges with them and help them train and learn and grow and we make sure they're loving their mission. We also have a lot of meetings to attend and we pretty much just do whatever Sister Stucki tells us to and it's a lot of work. We also have to make sure our area is an example for the other missionaries, which means we gotta keep up the work there too. Whooo. We're busy. But it's so so fun. I'm lovin' it. Also, here's the big news... the PALAWAN sisters are under our jurisdiction, which means.... I'm going back! We are so excited but we don't know when yet.

Anyway, I have attached the pictures that wouldn't load last week because Palawan doesn't have real internet. 

1. The boardwalk on Palawan
2. My investigators on Palawan

Love you all! Stay safe. Remember who you are. Etc.

Sister Mecham

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