Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This is awkward...

Ashley Mecham
Oct 6

to me, Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, Patrick, D
I was definitely not finished with that email and I have no idea how it sent. So you get to hear my week: Part 2!

Temple tour: For my whole mission, I have always seen temple tour on the calendar but I couldn't very well hop on a plane and fly to Manila to attend. But this time I was there! The Manila temple is so beautiful. Temple tour is just what it sounds like, you tour around the outside of the temple on the temple grounds and missionaries are assigned to stations and teach about the temple and about how families can be together forever and it's awesome. Also, it's like a missionary reunion because the whole mission is there. It was weird because I have been exiled on a tiny island so I don't know anyone from Manila mission except the people who also served on Palawan and the missionaries from my batch. But it was fun! I saw Sister Ram, my MTC companions. She's really happy because her companion is Samoan. (If you remember, Sister Ram does not like white people...) Hah, I love that Sister. 

SO this week was hard hard hard. I'm still adjusting to missionary work in the city because it's completely different. It's always been really easy for me to find people to teach but the people here are so busy! It's stressful. We have resorted to tracting a few times (knocking on doors) which is not encouraged because it's not very effective. But all our plans fell through and none of our members were home and it was late and there was no one on the street so we had no choice. And always in Palawan that actually works really well. BUT, I got so many doors slammed in my face! I laughed because that's a typically missionary stereotype which I had never experienced... mostly because on Palawan they don't really have real doors... But, let me tell you, I know the Lord loves me and I know that this is His work because, even at the end or a hard week, he provided us with A GOLDEN REFERRAL! His name is JP and he will be baptized this month because he's already gone to church 2 times. We're so excited because it will also complete their family and they will be able to be sealed in the temple next year! Woooh!

Also, remember my Muslim from Palawan? Sister Fran told me that she comes to church weekly and has tons of friends there and is totally going to be baptized. Man, I'm so excited about it. I love love love LOVE being a missionary! 

I love you all, too. 

Sister Mecham

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