Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ang Bilis ng Linggo

Ashley Mecham

Feb 9 (8 days ago)

to me, Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, Patrick, D, Ryan
This week went so fast.

  • Our apartment is awesome. We have a basketball hoop.
  • We had temple day last week, which was why I emailed on Tuesday. I love the temple.
  • I would get fat in this area if it wasn't for all the walking. Our members feed us like crazy. We walk like crazy. Our area is huge like my first two areas on Palawan. The eating and the walking cancel each other out, hopefully.
  • It's summer now. My skin is melting off of my body every time I walk outside. But, on the bright side, I'm getting my missionary tan back!
  • I've started cooking again. (I secretly love not being a sister trainer leader...so much time!) We made Sinigang! This week we'll make adobong manok.
  • We have an investigator named Cynthia who is wealthy and wants to take us with her on a vacation to Palawan. I so almost said yes. 
  • It's even weirder than I imagined having an American companion but I'm getting used to it. 
  • I ate Durian, finally. It's a fruit that comes from Mindinao that kills you when you smell it but the sends you to heaven when you eat it. That's what the member said that fed it to us. I've heard about it from day one but never tasted it because it doesn't grow here and it's expensive. It really smells like death - the worst smell you've ever smelled. But it tastes nice. 
  • We are seeing so many miracles in this area. We've been praying for them and they're coming. We keep talking to random people (not so random, following the spirit) and they keep ending up to be members that haven't come to church in ages. Lenie is an example of that, and she came to church last week for the first time in over six years! She's great. We also talked to this man Ramon on like my first day here and he told us that his sister is a member but lives in New York. Then we went back to his house a million times and he was never there or busy. Then we finally taught him. Right when he sat down he says, "So, what's up?" Then, we laughed. Then, he said, in english, "You know, you don't have to convince me that your message is true because I was already baptized." But I assumed he was already baptized Catholic. But no, he was baptized in 1972 and hasn't been to church since the 1980's. He will come to church this next Sunday. MIRACLES.  My Father in Heaven loves me, but more than that, He loves the people in this area and he is preparing them for us. 

That is a bullet list of the things of this week. For next week:

  • Happy Valentine's Day. They don't have a saying for that in Tagalog because they only stole that holiday and there isn't a Filipino equivalent, I think.

That's all. Love you!

'ster Mech

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