Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sobra na

Ashley Mecham

Feb 3

to me, Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, Patrick, D, Ryan
There's too many things that happened this week for me to tell you them all.

Last Monday we were finally able to go back to Elias Samonte because he had been in the hospital and was pretty sick. We talked to him, and he said that because he has been sick, he hasn't been able to smoke. He said that the smell of cigarettes makes his insides hurt. He pointed to a little lizard on the ceiling and said, in english, "I feel like that is my transformation." I died laughing. But, want to know a secret? I've been praying that that exact thing would happen. Not the lizard, but that he would get sick and not be able to smoke any more (like Ming on PMG dvds). So, he had not smoked for 10 days. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Then, on Tuesday morning, I had just begun my personal study when President Stucki called. (which is not rare for us as leaders). But then, he started thanking me for my service as an STL and then fired me. Hah, okay, not really, I just have been reassigned. I HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED. I cried the most tears I've cried in a very very long time. I think I scared our roommates. I even surprised myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE PASAY 1ST WARD. When I got to that area in September it was sad because there was nothing happening. I've been working my tail off getting the area to progress and was finally seeing the fruits of our efforts. We had like one million families with baptismal dates. And the best, Snookie and Mel will be baptized next week and I won't be there. They cried and I cried and it was depressing. And then I cried a ton more. 

And now I'm in Paranaque 3rd Ward. This area has been deemed by our APs as "The Hardest Area in the Mission." I will tell you why: I've seen the biggest and nicest houses in my entire time here in the Philippines - way nicer than a lot of houses in Utah. And the area is huge - we walk a lot and we see no one outside. I left my area of 22 baptismal dates for February and March to ZERO baptismal dates and ZERO progressing investigators. The people here are very very wealthy. I will include a picture. But, it's a great opportunity to find future leaders here in the Philippines so I'm pumped about it. I just have to find them... But the ward is so so great and very supportive and they feed us so much. I would get fat here if it weren't for how much we WALK WALK WALK forever. 

But listen, ^^^ those things are not negative. I cried when I first got here, but the Lord has really shown me why I'm here. I'm so excited to fix this area! I know the Lord is preparing people for us here and I'm so excited to find them! We have already been blessed with so many new investigators and now are up to four baptismal dates. It's coming! 

And let me tell you a miracle: The other day we were walking when I saw a man that I knew. I knew I knew him but I couldn't remember how. Then, he knew me too! Turns out, it's a man I OYM'd in Pasay who turned out to be a member who has been less active for a while. We weren't able to teach him in Pasay because his lived with his boss who wouldn't let us enter. BUT, his new boss here WILL let us enter. We taught him, and he came to church last Sunday. I was such a crazy miracle that I already knew him and that he is now prepared to return and become an active member in the church! Boo yah!

My new companion is Sister Jensen. She is American. She is my first American companion and she is really white and American. I'm not used to being around an American so often. Her Tagalog needs improvement, which is one of the reasons President Stucki said he gave me her. I'm helping her, I'm fixing the area. SERVICE YEAH I LOVE IT.

That's all I have. Lemme give you some pictures.

1. This is an awesome sweater I bought at Mall of Asia. It was expensive.
2. This is Snookie and her adorable son Maco who loves me and I love him. I didn't get a picture with Mel because I didn't get to say goodbye to him because I only had half a day for goodbyes to everyone and he had work. That is Angelina Jolie in the background.

More pictures to come that won't fit here! Love you!

Sister Mecham

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