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Ashley Mecham

Jan 26

to me, Amanda, Liza, Lindsey, Jamie, Kendra, Elizabeth, Austin, D, Ryan, Patrick
"I think myself to be happy..." in the words of Paul. I had a great week.
Snookie and Mel are the best couple ever. We taught them keep the sabbath day holy last week which we knew would be awkward because they always do their laundry on Sunday. (Doing laundry in the Philippines is a very intense endeavor - definitely not a worthy Sabbath day activity.) We opened with the ten commandments - #4. After we read the scripture, Snookie says, "Bale, bawal maglaba sa Linggo?" or "So, we shouldn't wash our clothes on Sunday?" and I said, "From what you read in that scripture, what do you think?" Her answer, "Bawal maglaba." It was awesome how we didn't have to point out specific things in their life that they aren't doing right, we just let the Lord say it with the scriptures. Then they spent the next 15 minutes making a plan on how to finish all their laundry before Sunday. It was awesome. And then, on Sunday, THEY HAD THEIR INTERVIEW WITH PRESIDENT STUCKI. They were so so nervous. But, of course, they passed because they are the two best people in the entire world. They will definitely be baptized on the 15th of February. FINALLY.
Also, my first baptism in this area, the miracle one, JP Mayor, received the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday. I was so proud.
Also, we pulled off four exchanges this week and it went so smoothly. The first was with Sister Riddle from my batch that I went to elementary school. She is a crazy exercise addict but it was fine. Then with another american sister from my batch. Exchanges with batch mates are weird because you know you're at the same point of your mission... But then I had the best exchange every with Sister Alberto - she's a fairly new missionary but is so so talented. We basically sprinted around our area talking to everyone and teaching in unity and it was brilliant. I love filipina companions. It was also really great because I WAS SO SICK. I had like three different sicknesses torturing me but wanted to go on the exchange anyway because I could still walk. I just basically pretended I wasn't sick for three days and it was a great and productive week.
This week our most wealthy members, the Gapiz family, fed us RIBS. and SALAD. I rarely see salad here and have never seen ribs! My mind was blown and it was delicious. Then they found out I like lasagna and that is what they will be making for our next dinner appointment. I never thought I would miss American food.
Okay, now this is one of my favorite miracles this week. I don't remember if I told you, but about a month ago, one of my favorite families told us in a text message not to come back for a while because the wife just gave birth and needs to recover. I was devastated. But this week I've been thinking about them a ton but have been too scared to stop by because I wasn't sure if it had been enough time. Then, out of the blue on Friday, they text and say that they want us to visit them again - every evening at 5pm. I died with joy. Then, when we were teaching them again, Sister Jesica (who has the most sarcastic and harsh personality) says under her breath, "Kasi, namis ko kayo..." Which means, I missed you. Then I paused and asked her to repeat that louder. It was hilarious. She did not want to admit she missed us! The Lord was telling me to go back but I let my fear of Jesica (just kidding, halfly) get in the way!! Follow the spirit Sister Mecham!
Okay, that's all. It was the busiest week of traveling for exchanges and working so hard and it was so fun and I love being a missionary and I'm so tired so now it's time to clean the apartment. OHHHHH GUESS WHERE I"M GOINGGGGGGG.
MALLLLLL OFFFFF ASIAAAAAAA. We're going to the Mall of Asia right after this. It's the largest mall in all of Asia and missionaries are not allowed to go there but we got special permission from President and I'm going to buy a hoodie.
Love you all,
Sister Mecham

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