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himala dahil sa pananampalataya


Ashley Mecham

Feb 23 (2 days ago)

to me, Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, Patrick, D, Ryan

This week was one big fat miracle. I don't know where to start.
Remember how when I first got here I was explaining how there was no one here that was progressing and it was a punishment to be sent here? I don't remember if I said that, but I definitely thought it. But listen up:
The house help of our Bishop, Corazon, has been progressing. But, she always said she likes coming to church because she learns a lot, but she still hadn't felt an answer from God if the Book of Mormon is true or if this is really Christ's restored church. Then, one week ago, our bishop's wife made her stay home from church to take care of her parents who were in town. Corazon was not happy about that. She is still the nicest lady in the world, but seemed super annoyed by our bishop's wife. We were afraid that that would stop her progress. And she had been seeming weird when we taught her, like something was up. But, that is all beside the point. >>>>> On Thursday, we get there to teach her. She seems normal. We follow up on the reading assignment we left her in the Book of Mormon - 3 Nephi 12. I remember when I left that assignment I thought it was weird because I've never left it before. She read it. "It was good." But, even though that was her answer, I was not satisfied. She doesn't usually share specific things from what she read, but this time I really really wanted her to for some reason. SO I kept bugging her. "Are you SURE there's NOTHING you want to share from what you read?!?!" Finally, she looks down. Then looks up. She says, "Sisters, I do have something to share. Something amazing happened last night." Then, she can't speak anymore because she just starts weeping. Finally, she gets out the story. It was so simple. She prayed before she read the Book of Mormon. I real, deep prayer. She did what we had just taught her - she began the process of repenting of all her sins. She felt the Spirit big time. Then, she opened to the reading assignment and read the first two verses. BAM. She tried to describe what she felt but couldn't in real words. She remembered what we had taught her about the influence of the Holy Ghost and how it might feel when she got an answer. She looked up at us with tear-filled eyes, "Naniniwala na ako." which is "I believe now." Then I simply asked, "So what are you going to do now that you know this is true?" She didn't even hesitate. "I'm ready to be baptized on March 15!!" MIRACLE.
Then, on Sunday, sacrament meeting started and none of our investigators or less actives were there. Usually, that is super discouraging. Usually, I would think, "Oh man, now no one will be baptized in March!" But my faith has grown so much. I bowed my head, and prayed for our specific investigators and less actives who committed to come. It was the best feeling, even though no one was there, I didn't lose faith. I knew that the Lord would provide. It's like Jairus in the New Testament. He comes to Jesus Christ and asks in faith for Him to heal his daughter. Then, on the way there, Christ stops to heal someone else. Jairus is not impatient. Then, Jairus' servant comes and tells him his daughter has died. He tells him to not bother Jesus any longer. But Jairus is not phased, he knows the Lord can still do - he can bring her back from the dead. That's how I felt, even though it really seemed hopeless, I know the Lord would still provide. At that moment, I finished my prayer and looked up. I see Lenie Curilan's daughter Ashly run in the front doors (In our chapel, there are windows). Lenie is our returning less active, this is her third week in a row. Lenie walks in. He father in law Walfredo (who is a very less active member- they're the only two members in their family) walks in after her. Her cousin, our invesigator, Grace, walks in. Lenie's neighber whom she referred to us walks in with her 5 kids. We clear a space and the scoot in next to us. As we turned around, we noticed that Corazon has sneaked in the back and we hadn't noticed. Also our other investigator, Bernadeth. After sacrament meeting our 2nd counselor introduced us to a 19 year old boy who has been coming to church for 3 weeks in a row but has never been taught by the missionaries - and he happens to live in our area. THAT'S BECAUSE OF FAITH.
I've never really felt this way before. I feel so much love from the Lord pouring down on me and the people we are teaching. I love being here. This is the truth.

I love you. I love the Lord.
Sister Mecham

1. There is yellow watermelon here. But it tastes like red watermelon.
2. I GOT TO SEE MY BEST FRIEND SISTER DE LEON BEFORE SHE GOES HOME AFTER THIS TRANSFER. It was such a miracle. I thought there would be no way I would see her before she left because she's assigned in a different zone. That's a miracle too. Notice the little tears in her eyes. I make people cry.
3. This is my companion, Sister Jensen. Did I tell you how I transferred to America? The grocery store in this area is just like a normal grocery store. We bought CHIPS AND SALSA. That's a miracle, too. I didn't know those existed in the Philippines. I also bought TORTILLAS which I thought were no where to be found. Miracles.
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