Tuesday, March 11, 2014

maligayang bati sa aking kaarawan

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Ashley Mecham

Mar 2 (8 days ago)

to me, Amanda, Austin, Patrick, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, D, Ryan
What a week!

I have perfect eyes. Sister Stucki made me get my eyes checked this morning because I've been having headaches. That's not it, they're still perfect. hah
Later on today we're having a zone activity in which we will be watching a movie. Whaaaaaa? I tried to convince our zone leaders to do something else, but they don't listen to me now that I'm not an STL (joke). So, it'll probably turn into a zone nap. We're watching Frozen, which of course I know nothing about.

You know, this week was good. Corazon is still planning on being baptized, but the ward made us change her date to the 29th because of silly reasons. I'm not bitter. We also have 5 other investigators that could be baptized on the 29th. That is going to take a LOT of faith. Well, two of them could be baptized tomorrow if they wanted, but they're still searching for answers. Hope is believing and EXPECTING things to happen. It'll happen. Also, Lenie has now officially returned and is an active member!!! It's so happy because we just found her and helped her back. Same thing is going to happen with Walfredo. 2x na he's come to church.

"No compulsion is used in bringing men to a knowledge of God; yet, as fast as we open our hearts to the influence of righteousness, the faith that leads to life eternal will be given us of our Father."

This is what's on my mind: After the Savior's death and before His resurrection, the apostles were lost. They weren't sure what to do, so at least some of them went back to their old life - fishin'. While they were fishing, the caught nothing. Then, Jesus Christ appeared to them and they miraculously caught a ton of fish. Then, this is the best part: The Savior, probably gesturing to the huge pile of fish, says, "Peter, do you love me more than you love all this?" He replies, "Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee." Then He asks him two more times, each time in the affirmative. Then He commands him to leave it, and to feed His lambs, feed His sheep. That's what I've been thinking about. My Father gave me a wonderful life. I had everything I thought I wanted. It was in a huge pile. But then, He pointed to it all and said, "Do you love me more than you love all this?" And I left it. And I came here. And now I understand more than ever that I really really do love Him more than anything else. I don't know if I really knew that before. I thought I did.

I love you fam. I'm grateful for all you've done for me to get me here. I wouldn't trade what I've experienced for anything. NOW STOP REMINDING ME HOW SOON I'M COMING HOME, HUH! Hah, that was a sweet moment that I ruined. I hate to be the one to tell you, but I'm not coming home. (That's a joke, mom, don't stress.)

'ster mech

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