Thursday, April 17, 2014

The good things!

Ashley Mecham

Apr 13 (3 days ago)

to me, Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, Patrick, D, Ryan
This week was hard but ended wondrously.

Let's start with the hard. Remember that family I told you about? The Roluna family? Who were, like, super golden? This week we came to them I they said they were really grateful for us for helping them strengthen their faith. Because their faith was getting so strong, they are thinking about returning to their old religion - Iglesia Ni Cristo. NO! WRONG! They weren't sure yet, just thinking about it. So I was very stressed by this because I knew that God had prepared them but Satan was tempting them to take the easy way out. So this whole week, I was not a very happy camper. I don't know why, but I let it really stress me out. But, with much help from the Lord, we found the perfect member to bring to their home to fellowship them. But it's hard because this member lives far and it busy. But, we scheduled it for yesterday. But then he called last minute and said he needs to change the time! We will go earlier! But, I was super stressed because I knew they usually aren't home at that time. But it was his only time. So, for a long while, that was all that was in my prayers. When we met up with Brother Sanchez (the member), he had a huge smile. He says, "Don't worry, Sister Mecham. I know that they will be there because I prayed about it before I left my home." (Small background about Brother Sanchez: he and his family were baptized last December only and they are super super strong young family.) How did he know I was worried? Because he's in tune with the Spirit. So, we get to their home. Brother Roluna is home. I don't see his wife, though. We can't teach him without his wife we need a third babae! My faith was weak. I ask him where his wife is. BOOM! She just pops out from the kitchen covered in sweat! She had just barely got home from a faraway trip like one minute ago! I am surprised. I look at Brother Sanchez. He's not surprised. What faith! So, I repented from my lack of faith. I will redouble my faith the next time. We taught them a wonderful lesson and they promised to continue coming to church (they missed two weeks) and really praying and reading to find out if it's true. So, I'm happier than ever - My Father in Heaven threw me a bone because He loves me. But even more than that, because He loves the Roluna family!

There's another weird story. One day we OYM an older woman in a duster. We set a return appointment. We return the next day. A man comes out and says the woman from yesterday is busy. He says she won't be busy tomorrow. We return the next day. The man comes out and says HE is just about to leave so we can't teach him. We were confused because we thought we were there to teach the woman... but we set a new return appointment. Then, later that day, like five hours later, we were walking in that same area when I hear, "MAYHEM, MAYHEM!!!!!!!!" I thought, 'it sounds like someone is trying to call my name but butchering it..." I ignored it. Then we saw a few people and started talking with them. In the middle of our conversation, the same man from earlier appears at my side. "Come teach me now." "Uhhh what?" "NOW!" Then he runs off back toward his house. Sister Jensen and I looked at each other tentatively... He really doesn't seem crazy. So we go. The woman is there, too. But we had the weirdest lesson of my life. He would not allow sister Jensen to try to speak Tagalog. Only english. Luckily, I was allowed to speak Tagalog. But I can't really explain to you how weird he was. In the middle of my teaching, he looks at me, and in complete politeness says, "You, stop teaching." Then turns to Sister Jensen, "You teach." But not like angrily... More like we were his puppets. It was strange. Long story short, he agreed to prepare to be baptized so I'll let you know how that goes.

Sister Jensen got chased by two very large rats in a tiny alley way. It was hilarious. 

Oh man, I was hoping to talk to you about how awesome conference was! But maybe next week because I got carried away with weird stories that I know cannot be fully appreciated in writing. 

I love you and I love being a missionary and I will find out this week if I'll be training for my last two transfers! Pray for me!!

Sister Mecham

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