Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pass Pagong

Ashley Mecham
Jul 28 (2 days ago)

to me, Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Eliza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, Patrick
My dear and beloved family and friends,

Oh man, this week was sweet. Like I've said, we've been working so hard in this new area and praying for miracles - leaving the rest to the Lord. This week we've really seen some fruit. One of my biggest struggle and the biggest hadlang for our investigators to be baptized is church attendance. We cannot baptize people unless they have attended church at least the 4 consecutive weeks before their baptism. Which, with philipinos, is no small feat. But, so many of our investigators are coming to church! This last week we had the entire Hermosisima family attend our branch activity on saturday and then they all came to church on Sunday! They will totally be baptized and I'm so excited for it. 

There's so much pressure in this area because there hasn't been a convert baptism in over a year. But the Lord and the branch see our hard work and diligence and are willing to help us with whatever we need. It is beautiful.

I can't remember the weird things that happened this week. Except that yesterday, on two separate occasions, I met white people from Utah that aren't LDS and are just visiting Palawan for vacation and one of them had a mutual acquaintance. That has never happened on my entire mission and it blew my mind. Sister Fran could not understand why I was so amazed. But listen, I'm on this tiny island on the other side of the planet and I run into people who know people I know. It's weird, okay?

This last week we had EXCHANGES. First time for me, so it was pretty astig. The sister trainer leaders flew over from manila for a few days and stayed at our apartment which was okay because I swear ten people could live there comfortably. My temporary companion was Sister Richey, which was so weird because that's the first time I've ever worked with a white person. We go so many weird looks. I'm used to being the only weird one.

Training is going beautifully. Sister Fran is great and works hard and does weird things and is hilarious. I have no worries for her. My english is weird, I'm sorry about it. 

That's all, folks. The Church is true! Love you!

Sister Mecham

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