Tuesday, December 31, 2013

maiyakin na ako

Ashley Mecham
Dec 8

to me, Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Liza, Jamie, Kendra, Lindsey, Patrick, D, ryan.mecham
Hey, I love you!

This week was rough! Whew! We had MLC where I cried in front of all the mission leadership and it was super awkward. Especially because I never cry. Okay, exaggeration. BUT usually never. Anyway, moving on. I learned a lot and it was great.

I'm trying to remember what else happened this week... This is embarrassing. Um, okay. Oh! I went on an exchange with a sister that is struggling so much. She wants to go home so bad because she's been here five months and can barely speak tagalog. She is so discouraged but we are doing everything we can to keep her here, respecting her agency hah. But that was my duty at this last exchange. And it was awesome. I felt the spirit working through me as we worked through the day to help build her confidence in herself and in the Savior and I found myself saying things to her that I would never have said to anyone. At the end of the exchange, she expressed her desire to stay on her mission and how she has a new commitment to be diligent in serving the Lord in order to feel the JOY in missionary work. It was an incredible experience that I can't exactly explain. Basta, because Heavenly Father loves her and knows she has much more to do on her mission, He put into my mouth the things that would help her. That usually only happens to me for the people we teach, but now it's happening to help the Lord's missionaries here in Manila mission! I love being a missionary!

"In the end, your heart and your will is all that you have to give that the Lord does not already have."

Sister Mecham

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