Saturday, July 12, 2014

ganoon din

This week I was sick, I think the sickest I've been on my mission besides Dengue. But, we have so many progressing investigators that we really couldn't afford not to work. But, we could only find one ward missionary to work with us! (If you have two, one can stay with the sick one at the house and the other will work with the healthy one.) So instead, I ordered a priesthood blessing and we were off to work! Mostly I just sat there trying not to pass out while Sister Dumayas taught. We were so blessed to not miss one moment of work because of my failing body! It was seriously a miracle. That's when you know that Heavenly Father really loves our investigators!
This week we had so many investigators at church - families! Bishop had stars in his eyes. He came up to me and said, "Magaling ka, Sister Mecham." But I said, "Magaling po ang Diyos, Bishop!" We really are seeing the Lord's hand in our work and I know all we are doing to be worthy of it is giving our all - obedience and diligence.

I have no time for reals right now because of helping my dear momma. I love you!

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