Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm going home.

TO PALAWAN. HAH fooled you.

I really feel like I grew up on Palawan and I'm pretty stinkin' excited to go home there and see my second family.

Our flight leaves in a few hours so this is going to be a great short email. Maybe not shorter than Ryan's...

Because I have a quick miracle to share with you:
The youth of our ward gave us one million referrals of people the met on the street during their One Week Mission. Sister Dumayas and I have been working hard to find and teach all of them. One of them led us to a far away place in our area that we rarely go to because there are no members and no investigators yet. We were led down a small street which turned out to be completely the wrong place than what we were looking for. (I really am finding it hard to express myself in english...) The people there had no idea who we were talking about. But, Esther let us in to teach her. Turns out she's dating a member in our ward. They've been dating for 6 years. And she never wanted to learn anything about the church. He always invited her, but nothin'. Then, as we were just listening to her, her eyes get all teary and she says, "I don't know what changed, but I'm ready now." She hasn't told her boyfriend yet that she's super interested in the church, but she already told her parents that she's going to be baptized. She was nervous to tell him and then BOOM we just show up at her house and she was so surprised. It was AWESOME. I don't know if I've ever tracted into anyone more prepared. It's just a miracle. 

It was good to see your beautiful faces last week. You all got fatter. (I swear that is not a mean thing to say if youre filipino. They laugh at me when I tell them Americans are offended by it.) That's okay, I'm fatter too. Too much food. 

I love you! Be safe! I still don't have definite news when I will be returning home. You really haven't heard anything from President Stucki? A bunch of missionaries in my batch say their parents got something saying when their flight was...
Maybe I'm really not coming home... :)

-Sister Mecham

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