Saturday, July 12, 2014


This last week was CRAZY TOWN, PHLS. We didn't have the opportunity to work even one full day in our area. BUT, we did have the opportunity to do a lot of faith building things. We met the new mission president's wife and her husband. They are wonderful and I love them! They are so sincere and just overflowing with the Spirit. And I'm not just saying that because I know they've been reading the blog posts... :P We also had MLC and interviews. Good stuff. I'm still learning so much! I still have so much more to learn! 
One thing that I liked that President Ostler said was why we so often change leadership in the Church. It's because God wants us to put our trust in Him, NOT in people. It doesn't really matter who are earthly leaders are. We need to turn to the Lord. He also shared with me in our interview something that actually really helped me feel calm and peace about the upcoming changes. It was just really simple. The Lord wants to comfort us. Always. He wants us to feel His love and His arms around us. But sometimes, matigas lang yung mga ulo natin. He just said to just allow the Lord to comfort us. Let ourselves feel the peace and His love. And that's what I'm doing because I'm obedient to whatever the mission president says. :)

Oh, I heard that JP (my recent convert from Pasay) was called to serve as the 1st counselor in the elder's quorum! I told you he would be a great leader in the church!

Also, Ester and Gelnie passed their baptismal interviews and will be baptized on Saturday :) More families to prepare for the temple! There are so many miracles here and I just really love love love being a missionary in the Philippines.

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